• The cast consists of 8-14 players.
  • The are not divided into teams, with the exeption of certain twists.
  • Every season has a final 2, in which a jury, will vote for the winner. The jury consists of 5-9 players, and usually starts at the halfway point in the competition.
  • At the begin of each round, every player will vote for who they would like to become the Head Chief.
  • The Head Chief has the responsibility of divided the remaining players into two even Clans to compete in the head to head in Survival Challenge.
  • Howeverif there is an uneven amount of players, the Head Chief will take part. In the case of his/her Clan losing, the Head Chief remains in power and immune from Banishment.
  • The Head Chief will end after the cast has reached four players, at this point, Clans will be randomly drawn.


  • Challenges are used to win immunity, the losing Clan will face Banishment.
  • Challenges will consist of flash games, trivia, luck, and spam challenges. There will be a variety every season.
  • The winning clan is immune from Banishment, and will take part in choosing the fate of the losing Clan.


  • At the Elimination Ceremony, known as the "Sacrifice," is where the players vote on who they want to be banished. The losing Clan members do not have a vote.
  • The only immune players at the Sacrifice are the Head Chief and the winning Clan
  • After the Host reads the votes, the player who received the most votes will be banished.

The Ultimate SacrificeEdit

  • After the player is banished from the Lion Games, the Ultimate Sacrifice is put into play. During this,
  • Crowning the Winner.
  • At the final 2, the jury will come in and vote for a Survivor.
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